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I drew this one back in January, 2012, after The State Of The Union Address in the United States.  I’m 45, and I have never seen such opposition and vitriol against a sitting president by the right wing.  It almost seems like the Republicans don’t want the first black American president to leave behind any kind of notable legacy.  They don’t want him in the history books described as a great president…

My original concept that I submitted, and was approved, has John Boehner getting ready to shoot the President.  When I sent in the finished drawing the night staff were a little uncomfortable with the gun, and they weren’t sure people would know who John Boehner and Joe Biden were (We’re Canadian…).  I removed the gun, and put name tags on the Vice President and the Speaker Of The House.  I hated to do this because I felt it drastically watered down the piece, but I understood the editor’s point; I just wish I could have persuaded him to stick with the original version!

Which one do you like?

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